Session types

There are three kinds of session, as shown below

Introductory session (120 minutes)

The purpose of the introductory session is for coach and client to mutually identify the next steps for the client and to make a plan. Between them they agree, plan, develop and have joint ownership of the coaching, so as to achieve maximum results.

The objective of the session is as follows:

Coach and client between them have a joint stake in the project and are clear about their objectives.

The desired outcome of the session is peace of mind for the client (relieving any anxieties, being stakeholders in the achievement of positive results).

The client will realize and make new discoveries about himself. (Values, preconceptions, strengths and challenges).

From here onwards, coach and client develop a co-operative relationship through the coaching process.

Regular session

Normal format coaching sessions: twice a month, 50 minutes per session. (Face to face meeting; Skype)

First of all we work through the topics which the client himself wants to deal with. Building on what is worked out and learned in this session, the coaching cycle is as follows: determining next steps for the client, putting what is learnt into practice, and undertaking new studies. The usual contract period is at least three months. Naturally, session formats can be adapted as agreed with the client.

Sample session

For people who would like a one-time trial.

A simple explanation of our offer and a trial session (30 minutes), for you to see what our coaching is like beforehand and to ask any questions you may have.

Face-to-face meeting (Tokyo metropolitan area)
Telephone or Skype (call charges are the client’s responsibility)
50 minutes ¥5,000 (payment by prior bank transfer)


The actual coaching sessions only take up a very short space of time within your daily life. So the time in between sessions is a key period for putting what you learn from your coaching into practice. Through changed actions and awareness compared to previously, you will feel the results and transformation you bring about differ markedly from what you have achieved up till now.

Most likely, much of the experience will be different to what you expected, but you will be able to learn so many new things from it!